Alternate ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Ending Revealed

Alternate ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Ending Revealed Suffice to say, spoilers ahoy.

While there’s a lot of railing going on by a lot of critics and film pundits over the poor fate of Edge of Tomorrow, a sharp and smartly written action film with a good head on its shoulders and a strong original property overall, the film is struggling at the box office overall. With a big budget of $178 million and just $85 million domestic plus $235 million in foreign receipts (of which the studio often sees half of), it’s not going to be a winner, though those that saw it generally come away pleased and/or loving it. Like any film though, there are a lot of moments where it can diverge and the script changes in order to provide what those involved feel is the best ending for it. We’ve seen the theatrical ending and definitely like it, but part of us wishes they did film this alternate ending that was originally talked about by Christopher McQuarrie:

“When Tom loses the power, and they go to Paris, and Tom is preparing the team as they go into Paris where he’s telling them the rules of the movie, he tells the team everything the audience knows. Basically, he told them: ‘Kill as many Mimics as you want, but do not kill an Alpha. If you kill an alpha we’ll be right back here having this conversation, and we won’t even know it. The enemy will know we’re coming and they’ll kill us all.’ When they get to Paris there’s the classic horror movie scene where one of them gets separated from the group, and he gets attacked by an Alpha and kills it. As he kills it, you see the Omega reset the day and you see the point-of-view of the villain. We cut to the plane and hear the same speech all over again. This time when he gets to the line, ‘You can bet they’ll have a plan to kill us all,’ the ship gets hit. As the audience, you realize the enemy knows they’re coming. The problem was you were so exhausted by the time you got to that point.”

[Source: Film School Rejects ]

Alternate ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Ending Revealed