Military! Episode #09 Anime Review

Military! Episode #09 Anime Review Can Aria actually leave Souhei?

What They Say:
The Last Night – Colonel Aria Glassmann of the Duchy of Krakozhia Army Special Forces. As of this date, you are ordered to leave Japan.

The Review:
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While Aria joined up a few episodes ago, she gets a bit of fun focus here as she’s being recalled from service here, which doesn’t go over well as she’s definitely a bit find of Souhei, to say the least. The news doesn’t go over well with Souhei other, or the others to varying degrees, and Aria is frustrated since orders are orders. That has them putting together a party to celebrate her time there, which certainly makes sense. But Aria has grown so close to this situation that she’s simply devastated by it, which brings in some interesting emotion to the show. Suffice to say, the party is where the show reverts to normal form with all sorts of silliness, sexuality and nudity that does Souhei in. It’s a fitting send off for the character in the end, especially since the epilogue goes for all the serious emotional stuff.

In Summary:
Naturally, the show resets everything at the end as you’d expect, but they manage to pack a normal twenty-two minute show into three minutes here and distill it down to its core. Which is surprisingly fun overall. While the show has its bad episodes and awkward material, it also has some decent ones like this. The premise is certainly well used in anime in general, but bringing it down to its core elements and getting it all out there in compact form is amusing, emotional and sexy. All within that short amount of time, which is impressive, as it still carries the narrative well.

Grade: B-

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Military! Episode #09 Anime Review