Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #09 Anime Review

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #09 Anime Review The fun of having a potentially powerful weapon and not being allowed to use it.

What They Say:
It’s finally time for Yuuya’s first battle: A carefully scripted fight against a limited number of BETA that will allow him to test both his TSF and the new prototype cannon.

The Review:
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While the trip to the USSR felt forced in the previous episode, it does shift things forward here to let Yuuya finally get his chance to get some real action experience. With the way he’s been worked over and now given some modicum of respect from Yui, he’s eager to get out there in his own way, even if it’s partially to test the new cannon that she showed him previously. Unfortunately, the Russians are really pushing his buttons easily here as they think (and rightly know) that he has no real combat experience, which makes it easy to say things in a certain way to get under his skin. He’s made inroads with Inia and Cryska, but that doesn’t have muhc to do with anything here. In a way, he’s getting treated much as how he treated Yui when she came to Yukon base.

There’s some interesting material leading up to the fight itself as we get Cryska not seeming like the person that Yuuya knew before as her personality is different. But also because she’s forgotten things that happened since coming to the USSR base here. The two had gotten closer but now it feels like they’re back to square one in a way, though Inia has remained the same and hasn’t forgotten anything. As it leads into the fight itself after that, you have to chuckle over the banter and mocking that goes on among those in the same area as Yuuya and his group as all the Russians basically complain about having to babysit him. Having that come on top of Cryska telling him earlier to retreat so as to not have his foreign blood stain the motherland, he’s not exactly feeling positive about his first real combat mission.

While a certain level of BETA forces were expected, it turns out to be a lot different in reality, making for a combat situation that even Yui wants to get everyone out of quickly. There’s some behind the scenes moving along here that does not bode well for the ground forces because of this, but it’s something that even Yuuya won’t stand for even if it means breaking orders. Particularly since doing nothing means getting overrun and killed as the defense forces aren’t anywhere near enough to deal with them. With Yuuya itching to try the new cannon and going against orders to do so, there’s a lot of expectations with it. And some nationalism that comes into play as well which is amusing, and accurate. The results are certainly impressive and definitely out of a videogame, but I love the brutality of it and the way it makes such a huge impact on everyone that’s watching.

In Summary:
Total Eclipse seems to bring a game changer into events here in a few ways. The combat situation is one that has its reasons for unfolding as it does and you can sadly believe it very easily because of how pride gets in the way. The combat itself is decent in the prelude to Yuuya using the railgun as it gives us a chance to check out the BETA again and see them stampeding right out of the ocean. I also like the way things have managed to shift a fair bit since the island segment of the series between Yui and Yuuya, which gets a nice nod here, but also the dramatic shift that seems to have happened with Cryska as well that makes you want to know more. Yuuya’s starting to grow up a bit and shake of some of the mental chains he has and that could make for some impressive moments ahead.

Grade: B

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #09 Anime Review