Grimm Tales of Terror #13 Review

Grimm Tales of Terror #13 Review When someone tells you it’s easy money, you ever wonder why?

Creative Staff:
Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Ferran Sellares

What They Say:
Dead Girl Walking

A man is drugged and wakes up in a bath tub full of ice only to realize his organs have been stolen, but that’s only the beginning of this twisted tale! One of the creepiest and most popular urban legends re-imagined in the Volume One finale of Zenescope’s incredible horror anthology series!

Content (please note that portions of a review may contain spoilers):
When a beautiful woman walks into a bar and sits next to you, do you ask why? If Keres is working as bartender, a better question should be: Who is going to die this time? As with the previous stories in this series, we begin with the Goddess of Death serving an unsuspecting client while they listen to her tale. She begins her moral narrative of a lonely man who is surprised by this attractive enchantress who strikes a conversation with him; after a few drinks, they return to his room and … nothing. Waking up in a tub of ice, the poor victim looks around to see the only memento of his night is a bloody scar on his back and a feeling of emptiness.

The seductress has what she came for and now wants more. Sandra knows that there are better jobs out there and they all come with risk. But as long as she gets her money, who cares what she has to do – one million dollars is worth it! Only this time, the target is someone who isn’t what they appear to be, and that is her last mistake. To underestimate the enemy just once is sometimes all it takes make a fatal error. She may get want she wants, but how can she spend it if she has to lose those things closest to her?

In Summary:
Joe Brusha unravels this final piece of the series with a familiar story, something that strikes a chord of every lonely traveler’s mind if they ever saw a retelling of this morbid urban tale. The modern evolution of not being able to trust anyone is what fuels the underlying premise and makes this parable all the more believable than the previous issues. With the addition of Ferran Sellares’ sharp linework, the portrayal of Sandra from being a sly predator and then karmically turned into a fitting prey gives the reader the satisfaction of a gruesome sense of justice.

While the overall maturation of Grimm’s Tales of Terror was disappointing with the banal horror tales, the idea behind it could have grown into something entertaining if the writers would have created new stories. But, with the trend of Hollywood to remake classics for the current generation, you really can’t blame Zenescope for their lack of vision. Hopefully the next volume will have a better mixture of ghastly ghoulies to frighten us instead of just amusing us.

Issue Grade: B+ Series: C

Rating: 16+
Released By: Zenescope
Release Date: July 29th, 2015
MSRP: $3.99

Grimm Tales of Terror #13 Review