Young Justice – Failsafe Review

Young Justice – Failsafe Review When the big name heroes fall, it’s up to the younger members to step up.

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Failsafe – The gang step in for the Justice League during an alien invasion.

The Review:
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While they are fairly standard science fiction and superhero fair over the last sixty odd years, alien invasions are always a lot of fun for me. So seeing this episode start off with a powerful advance force arriving around Earth and promptly eliminating some of the big name heroes right from the start, like Batman and Superman, it’s definitely appealing to see where it will go. With it going the obvious route where it shifts to Earth and has quite a lot of other Justice League members fall to the aliens, it’s still fun when you get down to the very basic idea of what it’s all about – showing us the Young Justice team working together to deal with an overwhelming situation as best as they can.

The team does pretty well in working together here, something that we’ve seen as one of the focal points of the series to date. They’ve managed to hit the right kind of groove where they work well together and do what needs to be done without any real conflict. They’re not seamless and smooth in action, but they’re definitely working with real intent here. But we also see that they’ll make the hard decisions when it comes down to it, such as when members of their own team start to fall in the face of the invaders. Unfortunately, the invaders themselves are pretty faceless here for the bulk of it but they give off a really fun little War of the Worlds feeling when it comes to the craft that comes down to Earth itself.

There are some good underlying threads that are covered throughout this as well which makes it fun. Superboy deals with the problem of everyone seeing him as Superman now that the group goes public in order to deal with the threat that’s out there. Some of the little problems that each of the characters have comes up as well, especially with Aqualad as it’s made clear that his self sacrifice is definitely an issue that affects his ability to lead. These subplots are generally well handled, though Superboy’s stuff tends to be a little blunt and can easily enough, but it gives the larger part of the show with all the action, aliens and spaceships the human element it needs. And realistically, it’s worth realizing that the bulk of the episode is a big action invasion piece so they balanced the two things rather well.

In Summary:
While you know there’s a gimmick to it overall from the start, the basic ideas here involving how the characters act are pretty much what the reality of it would be for them. This group has come a long way since the start of the series that it’s really good to see just how much they’ve grown, come to work together and come to care about each other. There’s some solid and real emotions dealt with here that adds a good layer to the show and helps it to be more than just a big smash ‘em up kind of series. It’s filled with interesting and enjoyable characters that have some depth to them and more than just a personality based on their power. This episode helps to reinforce that while also giving us a whole lot of enjoyable action, smashing and character deaths. Definitely a lot of fun.

Grade: B

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Young Justice – Failsafe Review