Un-Go Episode #04 Anime Review

Un-Go Episode #04 Anime Review The mystery of the RAI’s only deepens now that Kazamori has been revealed.

What They Say:
The former head of the Sasa family, Komamori Sasa, developed a groundbreaking artificial intelligence known as RAI (Real A.I.), but the technology was banned by the government and consigned to oblivion. Shinjurou’s brilliant reasoning follows a trail to the past and exposes the Sasa family’s hidden truth. But even then, a mystery remains, until a certain event provides the young detective with a hint, dispelling all of his doubts!

The Review:
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The revelations made at the end of the last episode about Kazamori, with him being a Real AI in the form of what looks like a fancy refrigerator, gets dealt with a bit more here at the start in quick fashion as the mother is questioned about it and she has to make clear why things happened as they did and her reasons for it. While they bring it to quick resolution here, it has a more amusing twist once Shinjurou heads off as they grabbed a little doll that was sitting on top of it. It’s in there that Kazamori has transferred himself and most of his necessary data before destroying everything in the big unit, which now lets him essentially join up with Shinjurou in an amusing form.

Kazamori in doll form is positively disturbing though when he gets down to discussing things with Shinjurou. So much so that Kazamori practically gets him off by the way he climbs over him and then proceeds down into his shirt where he licks Shinjurou’s chest. Perhaps it’s not the area to focus on, but this action and the way Shinjurou acts as though he’s trying to hold back from enjoying it but failing was quite disturbing and strangely unnecessary. It didn’t add anything of value about Kazamori, though the dialogue itself provided information about how he spreads his knowledge across many computers over the world.

Bringing Kazamori into the picture more clearly here though has Public Security after Shinjurou after they realize what’s happened. And that in turn has Shinjurou figuring out where Kazamori’s human father actually is, which plays into some of the flashback material we got as to when the RAI’s were deemed to be illegal because of the possibilities that they offered. It all talks of something bigger when it comes to how the RAI’s and the Sasa family themselves were manipulated, but the same problems are here from the previous episodes in the way there’s very little to latch onto in terms of characters. When the most interesting character is a strangely perverted artificial intelligence inside of a pint sized stuffed animal, you know you’re in trouble if you’re trying to be taken seriously.

In Summary:
Un-Go continues to be a series that really, really conflicts me. It has some great production values and the core ideas are very sound, but the execution and characters are utterly trash. The two are balancing each other out still, but there’s the start of a tilt towards becoming disinterested in the series. It’s filled with potential but comes off as being squandered. I know it’s going for a particular style with how it wants to present itself in a classic Japanese detective kind of way, and it’s hitting all those right marks, but it’s not connecting on a level with the lead characters to make it engaging. Un-Go is a series I find myself desperately wanting to enjoy more because it has so many things going for it, but am still unable to.

Grade: C

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Un-Go Episode #04 Anime Review