Kadokawa Bookwalker Site Expands Manga Offerings

Kadokawa Bookwalker Site Expands Manga Offerings Kadokawa’s Bookwalker site for the global market outside of Japan is getting things moving a bit more seriously these days as they now have twenty different manga titles available, some of which have not seen release overseas. The list of titles available is certainly interesting as there are many of them that have shown up via Viz Media recently that were rescued from TOKYOPOP and are being offered through multiple retail outlets. Which is a big positive for fans as it means more choice, more competition and not being completely beholden to one particular format. Their update, which includes the app that works for iOS and Android devices, does have a few books that aren’t currently licensed and do leave us wondering if we’ll see them offered elsewhere. That includes Ga-Rei, which had an anime adaptation released by FUNimation, Magical Warfare, which had its anime simulcast by Crunchyroll, Riddle Story which was simulcast by FUNimation and Tokyo Ravens, which also had its anime simulcast by FUNimation. You can see their exclusives here .

  1. Chibi Vampire 1-14 by Yuna Kagesaki (Viz)
  2. Deadman Wonderland 1-5 by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou (Viz)
  3. D.N.Angel 1-13 by Yukiru Sugisaki (Viz)
  4. Fate/stay night 1-10 by Dat Nishiwaki (Viz)
  5. Future Diary 1-7 by Sakae Esuno (Viz)
  6. Ga-Rei 1 by Hajime Segawa (Kadokawa)
  7. Kyo Kara Maoh! 1-2 by Temari Matsumoto (Viz)
  8. Lagoon Engine 1-4 by Yukiru Sugisaki (Viz)
  9. Legal Drug omnibus by CLAMP (Dark Horse)
  10. Lucky Star 1-4 by Kagami Yoshimizu (Viz)
  11. Mad Love Chase 1 by Kazusa Takashima (Viz)
  12. Magical Warfare 1-2 You Ibuki and Hisashi Suzuki (Kadokawa)
  13. Million Tears 1 by Yuana Kazumi (Viz)
  14. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland by CLAMP (Viz)
  15. Riddle Story of Devil 1-2 by Sunao Minakata and Yun Kouga (Kadokawa)
  16. St. Lunatic High School 1-2 by Majiko! (Viz)
  17. Suki: A Like Story 1-2 by CLAMP (Viz)
  18. Tokyo Ravens 1 by Kouhei Azano, Atsushi Suzumi, and Sumihei (Kadokawa)
  19. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time by Ranmaru Kotone (Viz)
  20. Trinity Blood 1-8 by Sunao Yoshida and Kiyo Kyujyō (Viz)

[Source: ANN ]

Kadokawa Bookwalker Site Expands Manga Offerings