Cat God Episode #10 Anime Review

Cat God Episode #10 Anime Review There appears to be a nefarious plot by the rats, both mundane and demonic, to rain destruction upon everyone else. I guess it’s convenient that our main character is a cat god.

What They Say:
“Lost Cat on the Earth”

It’s Yuzu. Amane, who’s also a cat god, came to see Mayu. Amane is very serious and thus the polar opposite to Mayu. And there’s talk of Lord Tsukuyomi wanting Mayu to become a guardian cat. Could it be that Mayu won’t be able to stay here anymore?

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Well, in a complete change of pace, we get to see some real gods in action, as two cat gods, Amane and Kukuri take on a horde of demon rats who are looking to attack and steal from their shrine on the Moon. After taking out the rats, they are praised by Lord Tsukuyomi. So now, it must be time for tea. While Amane handles the tea, Kukuri and Lord Tsukuyomi talk. They think it is time that they bring in extra help to defend the shrine. Amane does not hear everything, but she overhears a small bit of discussion about bringing in Mayu, since Amane is not good enough on her own to be Princess Kukuri’s successor (as the chief guardian of the shrine on the Moon). Amane thinks that she is being replaced, and so she runs away.

Well, at least this is slightly more interesting than the normal run of episodes so far. Not that I really care about Amane, who seems to be a crybaby who runs away from her troubles instead of facing them head on. But at least it was a respite from the stupidity that surrounds Yaoyorozudou. I shouldn’t speak so soon, as we are shortly brought back down to Earth, where Mayu and Yuzu are having tea. Sasana and Gonta then come with astonishing news for Mayu (who had a tea stalk standing upright in her cup–normally a good omen): her ban from the Kingdom of the Gods has been lifted, and she has a letter from her mother Princess Akari, asking her to return immediately.

Of course Mayu has no interest in returning to the world of the gods. It gets more obvious how unsuited Mayu is to important work when Amane suddenly appears and berates her. Amane then reveals her faulty impression with Mayu that the lazy little cat god is destined to be Kukuri’s successor. Mayu, however, states that she prefers to stay on Earth, and will go with Amane to explain the situation to Lord Tsukuyomi. Mayu also shows Amane, who has only unpleasant memories of Earth, that it’s not so bad here.

While this episode has its fair share of comedy, it also has the barest hint of something more serious and sinister about it. Amane reports to Mayu that the number of demon rats on the Moon, who come from the Underworld to steal the Moon Stores (where the cats protect the lost memories of mankind), have been on the increase of late. Mayu has noticed that the number of rats and mice on Earth has also been higher than normal. At the very end, while Mayu and Amane (and Shamo) enjoy some nampla ramen, a mouse that Mayu had allowed to go free earlier goes to report to a large demon rat on Earth.

Is Cat God going to do what many an uninteresting comedy has done with its last few episodes, suddenly trying to develop an end-of-the-world story where the protagonist and friends must save the universe? Yes, it does appear that way. And you know what? That might be an actual improvement for this show.

In Summary:
Amane, an inexperienced guardian cat from the Moon Stores Shrine, gets the mistaken impression that she is going to be replaced by Mayu. Coming to Earth, Amane is surprised by the lazy blob that Mayu is. Mayu, however, has a few things to teach Amane, including about why it’s not so bad on Earth. However, there is a dark undercurrent of danger, yes, danger as it appears that the Demon Rats are up to something, not only on the Moon but also on Earth.

Grade: B-

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Cat God Episode #10 Anime Review