Amnesia Episode #04 Anime Review

Amnesia Episode #04 Anime Review

Amnesia Episode 4

Our heroine continues her journey of understanding – and fear.

What They Say:
The staff of Meido no Hitsuji decides to have a fireworks party, during which Shin finally tells Heroine the truth of her accident. He also reveals a story of his own past that she was not expecting.

The Review:
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With our heroine getting more and more concerned about things, the flashes of memory thta she’s had and the strangeness of the situation overall, the ripple effect is starting to spill out. Her time with Shin previously now has him being fairly aggressive in trying to shake her memories in certain ways, but there’s a darker edge to it as he does that. While most people are unaware of the issue, he’s getting intense with her in a way that we see during the first half that is just cruel, especially knowing her situation. While he insists he hasn’t done her any wrongs and that she shouldn’t be afraid, his manner and style certainly says the opposite, at least to her at first and to the viewer as well. With the similarities to when she fell off the cliff before coming into play with it here, you can’t help but to feel unnerved by the situation.

A good part of the episode focuses on Shin in this way, but when the two find a balance that works to move forward a bit, it reveals a lot about Shin himself. He talks about his childhood and the problems that his father faced which impacted him and others in a significant way. It’s a decent bit of fleshing out since it also reinforces the relationship between him and our heroine as he reveals how her nature helped him to see more in people and to be more open and accepting of things. It’s not a surprise that the people in her life have been affected by her, and her by them, and now in the fourth episode we finally start to get a little bit of it. But seeing it after how Shin had acted with her in the woods is still rather unnerving.

The relationship between the two has been the thing that’s been dealt with the most overall in the last couple of episodes, especially with his reveal that they were dating. It’s set her on edge a bit because she can’t remember anything with it and his way of being somewhat forward at times and then being distant at others makes it hard for her to read him. He’s just plain hard to read in general though, but what she does learn slowly shifts her to trusting him more and more. But her state of mind continues to be very, very fragile and we see how the simplest of things can set her off and leave her in a state that’s just hard to really grasp.

In Summary:
I don’t know what to make of this series at all. While I’ve talked about the aspects of its structure and design that get under my skin, notably the lack of a name for the lead, this episode just ups the creepy factor a fair degree when it comes to Shin. Though they try to explain it away and it makes sense to our nameless one, Shin’s actions in this episode just leave me feeling a great dislike towards him to say the least and certain aspects of his behavior pretty much make me want to turn the show away and not encourage it at all. With the heroine having seen something else in his actions, even in her fright, she takes him back in a bit more and allows him to reveal himself which makes him a bit more accessible, but those actions are still very much what dominates for me at this point rather than his story.

Grade: C

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Amnesia Episode #04 Anime Review