‘Shakugan No Shana’ Season 2 Dub Cast Revealed

‘Shakugan No Shana’ Season 2 Dub Cast Revealed FUNimation’s had to make some changes to their plans for the Anime Revolution convention and it turns out to be in the fans favor in a way. Originally they were going to show the Fafner movie there, but they had to change it to the premiere of the Shakugana no Shana movie. Which has not been previously released, which means new dub cast. Which means revealing the dub cast. The franchise was originally released by Geneon back in the last decade but FUNimation wasn’t able to pull that cast back together for this and has loaded it up with a new cast and crew to work it. Check out the full details below and the official clip for it.

The first season is due out next week on DVD/BD (we’re 19 episodes into our marathon!) and the second season will follow in two parts in December. That was originally slated for earlier but was pushed back for various reasons, including apparently putting more extras into it.

SHANA Cherami Leigh
YUJI Josh Grelle
KAZUMI Brina Palencia
MARGERY Colleen Clinkenbeard
KONOE Lindsay Seidel
ALASTOR Kent Williams
ANNABERG Patrick Seitz MARE Jamie Marchi
BEL-PEOL Caitlin Glass MARIANNE Tia Ballard
BIFRONS Cole Brown NAKAMURA Tia Ballard
CHIGUSA Lydia Mackay OGATA Brittney Karbowski
DANTALION Barry Yandell PHELES Monica Rial
DOMINO Barry Yandell QUETZALCOATL Charlie Campbell
FECOR Cris George RINNE Tia Ballard
FRIAGNE J. Michael Tatum SABRAC Brad Jackson
FUJITA Alexis Tipton SATO Greg Ayres
HAMAGUCHI Blake Shepherd SORATH Micah Solusod
HEADS RINNE Linda Leonard SUGANO Madeleine Broseh
HECATE Lindsay Seidel SYDONAY Jason Douglas
HIRAI Alison Viktorin TANAKA Ian Sinclair
IKE Joel McDonald TIAMAT Aleisha Force
JOHANN John Burgmeier TIRIEL Apphia Yu
JUNKO Hilary Couch UKOBACH Greg Ayres
KANTARO Chuck Huber VALAC Anastasia Muñoz
KASHA Christopher Bevins YURI Sean Michael Teague
KHAMSIN Todd Haberkorn ZAROVEE R Bruce Elliott
LAMIES Jerry Russell

ADR Director – ADR Director; Ian Sinclair (MOVIE); Christopher Bevins (Season 2, S OVAs)
ADR Engineer – Stephen Hoff (MOVIE); Cris George (Season 2, S OVAs)
Line Producer – Colleen Clinkenbeard (MOVIE); Christopher Bevins (Season 2, S OVAs)
Head Writer – John Burgmeier (Season 2, MOVIE, S OVAs)
Script Writer – Donna Reed (Season 2, MOVIE, S OVAs)

‘Shakugan No Shana’ Season 2 Dub Cast Revealed